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Hiding in Plain Sight – JB Aaron Who’s New?…What’s Next?

by Cowboy Troy

Nashville, TN

Upon examining JB Aaron, we find a guy from western New York. Niagara Falls area, more specifically. A guy who grew up around music but was a reluctant front man at an early age. I wanted to understand the troubadour who has split time between Nashville and Niagara Falls over the years. I wanted to understand what drives him and serves as a foundation for him.

The business can be hard on a rookie but he continues, year after year, to return to the stage with a renewed sense of drive. Now, as a seasoned entertainer, he performs with a fresh perspective. I sent interview questions to this lover of classic country, blues, and jazz. Here are the questions I emailed JB…and his responses to those questions.

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What was your relationship with music like during your childhood? When I was young, I grew up on Broadway Classics, Oldies, and Blues. I began taking vocal lessons at the age of 7, and was also featured in many musicals as the lead vocalist and lead actor. I was chosen for many musicals and played some big roles. There were many times when I was young and had some shy moments. I remember when I was in kindergarten, My mom had me dressed up in these weird clothes, to play a part of the Little Drummer boy in a Christmas play. I didn’t wanna sing a lick, and just stood there waiting for the next rain storm. My aunt told me one time, she recalls me standing there, (She was the guitar player for this show) and she kept asking me “Come on …You can do it…just start singin’….and then after the 10th time she asked me, I guess I had a little bit of a tantrum and a breakdown… and once that was over, …she asked me 1 more time…”Are you ready”?…..and that’s when I belted it out. So, as I was growing up, I would always make my own microphones or find something that resembled a microphone and go around the house singing, and dancing…I was also able to share moments with my mother, before she passed away and sing some cool songs with her, which is where I get my talent from.

When you think of your youth, what songs come to mind? Why? Well, I actually started to break out of my shy shell at Church, and eventually I became a part of the Church Choir. I enjoyed performing some of the Hymns, but a couple of my favorites that stick out in my mind happen to be, “Amazing Grace”, and “How Great Thou Art”. Then, back when I was younger, I used to always run around the house singing “The Greatest Love Of All” by Whitney Houston…..boy that was fun…hahaha … I wonder if I can still hit those high notes??

What made you want to pursue a career in music? After, singing, for a while, and then doing shows, I wanted to take the steps to the next level. With ability to perform and the opportunity to share my talent, I thought I could make a good career out of it. I enjoy performing and sharing my music with everyone.

Which job in your life taught you the most? What situation or circumstance did that lesson arrive with? I think I would have to say, that being a firefighter, and medical technician has given me the opportunity to learn and see the true meaning of life. The meaning being that Life itself, is way too short to take for granted, and its a fact that you don’t realize until its too late.

I recall a handful of times being in the fire department, where we would get calls for cardiac arrests, and I would be doing CPR on these people and assisting with medical attention. There were times where we would be able to save a life, and other times a life would be taken from us. That, in itself, is a life lesson.

Many people have a certain place where they just want to be quiet, reflect and relax. Where is that place for you? What are you drinking while you’re there? I like to walk the paths at Niagara Falls and enjoy the peace, and the sound of the water. Usually, I would take a bottle of water and occasionally, a little whiskey. I would sit and listen and let the sounds, and beauty of the scenery assist me with thoughts and ideas.

What inspires you to write? I have a lot of inspirations…My family, my friends, my fans, other country artists… I have a lot of friends dealing with cancer or who have passed on from cancer. Mom was my ROCK, and I get a ton of inspiration from her. We always used to sing, and talk about songs, and what makes us happy. We’d listen to old school country songs or even some classics from the 50’s and 60’s. I’m also inspired by my Uncle Billy, my GrandFather, and other friends.

Thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation, I met Jessie last year. I was honored to have her and her family be my guests at a Buffalo Bills game while I sang the National Anthem. Jessie continues to be a source of inspiration and I am very good friends with her family.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Nathan, a volunteer firefighter, with 2 brain tumors. I have taken him to some of my shows, and he loves country music. He is so strong minded and has the willingness to fight and beat this disease. I have since become very close with his family as well.

Since I’ve been a firefighter, and medical technician, I have seen a lot of things: been in fires; been at car accidents; have gone to many elderly homes where they are very sick and I enjoyed talking to people and helping them; and making those that are hurt or feeling ill, comfortable. I made it a point to build a good rapport with the people I was helping, and its the same thing when I perform on stage.

I use all of this as a tool, and a learning experience, to be able to express feeling, and understanding. Life itself is a song, and when we write, we tell a story, and we share life’s moments with people we don’t know a lot of times, but that is what makes it special. To be able to share your stories, and ability to make people smile.

How do you feel you contribute to the musical soundscape? I feel my contribution is just its own uniqueness. I do my best to bring out the life of a song, and make it real. I want to be able to express my soul and knowledge to where people understand the meaning, and appreciate the music.

You can find JB on Twitter @jbaaron and on Facebook at can hear his single “Taillights and Dust” at .

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